Application form

To participate for the conference, please fill in the enclosed application_form.docx or application_form.pdf and send it directly to the chairman of the organizing committee before January 31, 2024 by e-mail. The application acceptance will be confirmed in the second announcement. As hotel Patria reserved capacity is limited at present, the latest registration may not be accepted!


In an application form it is unconditionally necessary to specify in which main content area a contribution should be included. The organizers can additionally require a short annotation of a contribution. The delayed contributions (after April 30) cannot be included in the conference proceedings.


The main content areas are the following:

  1. New materials and structures (incl. nanostructures and thin films), their analysis and specific applications
  2. Physical properties and structural aspects of solid materials and their influencing
  3. Optical phenomena in materials, photovoltaics and photonics, new principles in sensors and detection methods, applied optics and optical communications
  4. Nuclear science and technology (with emphasis on the influence of irradiation on physical properties of materials and radiation detection)
  5. Computational physics and theory of physical properties of matter
  6. Biophysics and interdisciplinary physics of condensed matter
  7. Current Successes in the Photoemission and Electron Microscopy


Hotel Patria

APCOM is the 29 th international conference in the series of events started in the year 1995 with the workshop Solid State Physics and Radioactive Irradiation.

This year will be held in the Hotel Patria, Štrbské Pleso, High Tatras, Slovak Republic.

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